This is part one of a series of blog posts which chronicle my journey fraught with spiritual warfare, physical danger, and redemption by God. I will be revealing accounts of Satan’s deceptions and seductions to expose his deceptive ways for all to see. May GOD be given the glory! -James


Summer 2016

One day I came home from work and found my wife laying on the floor gasping for air. She had her mouth up to the air purifier and was trying to breath. Panicked and with my heart racing, I desperately tried to ask her what was going on and all she could do was indicated that she couldn’t breath. Reaching for my car keys, I told her we were going to the hospital -now. But then she indicated “No, look at the phone”.

I did so and on it were several text messages. They were all from someone I didn’t know but was urging us to call him. At my wife’s pleading I called. He presented himself as being referred from our primary doctor, and to grab a piece of paper and start writing his dictation. Immediately he began by reading out her vitals, as well as levels of toxicity. I didn’t stop him to ask how he was doing this, I was only happy to know that she was getting some kind of attention. Every second was like an hour going by as I listened and answered a few questions about he state of being.

As the doctor continued to read off numbers, I saw something. It seemed to be moving across the wall behind Rebecca. At first it appeared to be a reflection of a car door swinging open or closed. Unusual since we are on the second floor, but still possible I thought to myself. But then after looking closer it looked to be a silhouette of a figure from the waist up! But it was only half of the silhouette, ending toward the top of the head and with a light around it. One could say it looked like a glowing shadow of some sort. Unsure of what I was witnessing, I filed this sight away for the future and put my focus back in the moment. But something told me this wasn’t the end of this scenario.

Snapping myself back into the moment, I focused my attention back to Rebecca still gasping for air and wondering where this phone call was going. Just then the doctor had me write down several stings of numbers on small scraps of paper. Two placed on her hips, and two on her ankles. I didn’t know what was going to happen, or how this was supposed to work. My instincts told me to trust this man, and after having worked with a naturalpathic doctor for many years knew this could just be another step down the road in alternative medicine. I didn’t have time to question anything at this point and knew something needed to happen, and happen quick. Sure enough after several minutes, she began to breath normally!

The doctor then told us that the reading he had taken beforehand showed that her body had began to shut down her lungs as that was where the source of the problem had started. Her lungs had been taking in toxic smoke from the local Southern California wildfires burning several hundred miles away. This combined with a heavy dose of cosmic radiation from the sun in the form of a solar flare spelled lethal trouble for her. Huh? Why her? Why wasn’t anybody else suffering from this?

The doctor then told us that she was stable enough for now and she should come down to his office tomorrow for a followup treatment to bring her health back up to a normal level.

To be continued…

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