This is part of a series of blog posts which chronicle my journey fraught with spiritual warfare, physical danger, and redemption by God. I will be revealing accounts of Satan’s deceptions and seductions to expose his deceptive ways for all to see. May GOD be given the glory! -James


After Rebecca had nearly suffocated and lost her life, we decided to met with the friendly voice on the phone the following day. He was an older gentleman with a kind, gentle demeanor. He explained that Rebecca is what is known as a “sensitive” -someone who is able to detect occurrences most of us are not attuned to at a noticeable level. This makes her physically and “spiritually” acute which although right now is causing problems, can be a great benefit to her if she developed the abilities her potential allows. After hearing this and learning that his methods of diagnosis were from his clairvoyant abilities, we began to understand that he was working on “spiritual” level as he put it. We kept an open mind for now, but still didn’t fully understand the depth of his skills. He was able to “scan” her with only his thoughts and also give her a diagnosis. Eventually he was able to stabilize her health, and we continued to see him on a regular basis to deal with her issues with the environmental pollution flowing through Los Angeles.

About 3 days after Rebecca suffered from her initial breathing problems, life had returned to normal. Her health was much improved and we felt grateful to God that we made it through this situation. We felt moved to pray and did so in our bedroom. As Rebecca finished her prayer, she suddenly saw something moving on the wall behind me! Something glowing and looking like a seahorse shape as she described it. I looked behind me and saw nothing, and then she said it disappeared behind the curtain. So I got up and moved the curtain to look behind it. As I pulled the curtain back, I saw nothing. However, a felt a tingling sensation of energy move from my hand all the way up my arm! Before she could describe to me what she had seen, I pulled out some paper and sketched the basic shape of what I saw that night she was on the ground gasping for air. I asked her if this is what she saw, and she exclaimed “Yes, that’s it!”

(The above image is a recreation from memory of what I saw)

The first time I saw this was in our dining room, now she had seen it in our bed room. The thought if the mysterious shape was a reflection from a car door or not was no longer in question. I knew this was some kind of spiritual being that had passed through, but what was it? An angel? A ghost? We had no idea, so we immediately prayed once again. We confided in God through prayer, and I asked Him to remove it if it were not from Him. I also remember stating that if it were from Him then we would welcome it, although this brought us a great deal of concern about what this could mean.

A few months went by, and we didn’t experience any more sightings. Rebecca continued to see her new doctor and seemed to be doing well with him. I was also going with her to all her visits, making sure everything was on the level and made sense. He even looked at me, and advised me on how I could be physically healthier as well. I have to admit that this new doctor intrigued me, and every time I went I was filled with more questions as he gave me answers. While he had a great deal of respect for God, his clairvoyant abilities still made me wonder about the source of his power. Where these skills truly from God, or did they come to him from some other way? The more I investigated, the more it seemed that I didn’t have the whole picture. He was the only doctor in our years of searching though who actually understood Rebecca’s health and was able to treat it.

To be continued…

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