This is part of a series of blog posts which chronicle my journey fraught with spiritual warfare, physical danger, and redemption by God. I will be revealing accounts of Satan’s deceptions and seductions to expose his deceptive ways for all to see. May GOD be given the glory! -James


We continued to go to church and to see our doctor as life went on as usual. Then suddenly something new started happening. As I awoke from my sleep, I heard my name called out to me! Not thinking anything of this other than some kind of dream, I ignored it. The second day the same thing happened. I was laying in bed and just as I was beginning to wake, I heard my name, “James!” again exclaimed from a female voice. Taking pause, I again wasn’t sure what to think. I knew that I must have been dreaming again and excused the experience not thinking it worth mentioning to anybody. The same continued to happen for another 3 days and I asked Rebecca if that was her calling me early in the morning, to which she replied, “no”. Still not sure what to think of this, day 6 arrived and this time the voice was male, exclaiming “James”! Now I knew this wasn’t me or Rebecca, question was what then? Day 7 came but instead of my name being called out, I heard a different name exclaimed which was not my own. I wondered what this name meant. Was it an instruction to find out? I wasn’t sure but kept wondering.

During these seven days I had taken Rebecca to a therapist to help with some other health related issues. While I was in the waiting room, I noticed a bulletin board with flyers which I decided to go over to as a means to pass the time. As I was looking them up and down, I saw one that read “Are you hearing angels?”. Thinking this might possibly be what I may be experiencing I read on. However, it also spoke about metaphysical concepts and practices which made me a little uncomfortable, but also to wonder. It was an ad for an upcoming lecture near by from someone who seemed to want to help others come to an understanding of this topic. After considering this for a few moments, I decided that as a Christian this wasn’t for me. I ignored the flyer, but it lingered in my mind for a few days as to what this could have meant.

Shortly after that we returned for a regular visit to our clairvoyant doctor to deal with some sensitivity issues my wife was having. While Rebecca was seeing him I began telling his assistant about our sighting in our home and the voices I was hearing. At the risk of sounding like I was losing my mind, I figured she might have some experience as she was very open minded about the spiritual realm. She said to me, “Sounds like you have an angel in your home”. -Whoa. I know that in the Bible some people were indeed spoken to by angels and God with a voice (Gen. 22:11, 1 Sam 3:4), but was this really what was happening now? I have to admit, I was both excited and at the same time concerned about where this was going.

The assistant then referred me to a popular author who was known for their work with angels and the spiritual realm. The author also called themselves a Christian. They sounded like someone I could relate to so I looked into their work. This is point in which everything changed.

To be continued…

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